A Chairman’s Wish

I saw an empty court today,
Lights dimmed from an absence of play,
Dust settled in place of applause,
A sign of those in common cause.
As everyone grappled with tiers.
I saw the ghosts of matches past,
The drops and lobs, and those too fast.
I heard the crowds applaud and roar,
but lets and strokes alas no more.
I looked through glass and saw my fears;
Of clubs shut, their members estranged,
Or courts whose use can be exchanged
For dosh in order to survive;
Those still open, barely alive.
Then a child’s laughter reached my ears.
I turned and saw mother and son
Shut the door and begin to run.
They hit the ball against the wall.
And in their place, I saw you all
Standing firm, with rackets like spears,
Waiting to step on court again
To play with friends, perhaps to train.
I saw us meet to share a laugh.
So for you a wish, on behalf
Of Committee and all our peers.
Have a safe and Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year, Covid will pass.
We shall be together once more
With new and old events galore.
We’ll meet, play, eat and drink. So CHEERS!

Seamus Singh, Chairman of Avon County Squash & Racketball

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