SquashLevels have today launched a new solo practise skills test in partnership with SquashSkills on their new website. With Bristol currently in tier 3 this is a great tool to help you improve your skill set whilst solo practising. It gives you 10 exercises to complete with video explanation and a timer when you are ready to complete the test. All you need to do is register for free via the new SquashLevels website (if you haven’t already done so) and you’re ready to compete!

Register here: SquashLevels

Note: It is a different system to BADsquash, so you’ll need to register separately.

SquashLevels will be running a competition for the highest overall test score through December for Avon and the winners of each category will get their hands on a pack of 12 Dunlop double dot balls, courtesy of SquashSkills. They will use the following categories for you to compete with other players at your level.

– Grade A Level 4000 and above
– Grade B level 2000 – 4000
– Grade C level 1000-2000
– Grade D Level 1000 and below
– Junior age categories

For any queries contact the oracle, Richard Bickers at info@squashlevels.com. Please also have a look at the testing FAQ.

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