The county has recently launched a new series of monthly box leagues for its Juniors. This is an exciting new development in Avon junior squash and gives players of all standard the opportunity to play competitively across different clubs – which aren’t too far away.

Currently, the clubs involved in this initiative are Redland Green, Workout Harbourside (formerly known as Vivo) and Lansdown.

The following details the plan and rules for the events:

  • The boxes will consist of 5 players (in most cases) of a similar standard, where this has been significantly misjudged by the organisers, we will rectify in the next box league
  • All box matches will be played on the one day.
  • Estimated start times are sent approximately 1 week before the event and should last up to 2.5 – 3 hours. Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your start time and register with the coach on hand.  If games are significantly running over, then we may carry games over to be played outside the event.
  • The lower leagues typically start at 9.30 onwards and the higher leagues are in the afternoon
  • Each match will be the best of 3 games (or 5 where the box is short due to a player not turning up)
  • Games will be point a rally (American scoring) to 11. If the games reach 10-10, the game will be completed by 2 clear points
  • All matches will be marked with standard squash rules. The umpire being the winner of the previous match (where possible)
  • All players must wear eye protection
  • The top boxes will typically play with a double yellow ball
  • The lower boxes:
    • single yellow/red dot/trainer ball which is to be agreed with the players/coaches
    • Are allowed 2 serves
    • For the lowest box(es) we will consider bringing the service box forward
  • Results will be entered onto the squash levels website Junior Box Leagues on Squash Levels
  • The cost is £5 per child per event payable on the day


11th March 2018 – Lansdown (John Welton)

15th April 2018 – Workout Harbourside (Richard King)


This note is intended to help players and parents understand the organisation of the leagues, ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

League numbers, entry and exit

Each league will usually contain 5 players. Where the total number of players is not divisible by 5 there will be a maximum of 6.

Extra players will be added to the lowest boxes. New players joining the leagues for the first time will be added to a suitable league at the discretion of the organisers. This will take account of their squash levels ranking but will only be a guide.

Returning players will usually be added to the ranking they left.

A player who misses a league fixture day should contact the league organiser to be reinstated for the next fixture.

Players missing on the day will result in short boxes for everyone. Please take responsibility to advise the organisers at least 7 days before the leagues if you cannot play.

League scoring

All match scores are entered in full to Squash Levels and the programme determines the score and points ranking based on the games and the scores in the games.

The Squash Levels ranking is not administered by the league organisers and any queries regarding this ranking should be raised via the web site

Promotion and relegation

2 players will usually be promoted and 2 relegated, however this is impacted by players leaving and joining. A key principle of the system is to use relative positions so that winning a box will move a player above others however the actual league may be lower due to players joining higher up the leagues.

Entry and exit to the leagues

The new leagues will be available within 72 hours of the previous league day being completed. Players who cannot make the next event, or resting players who wish to re-enter, should email the organiser at least 7 days before the event. Revised leagues based on leavers and joiners will be on the Squash Levels site on the Sunday evening the week before the next event. All players should log on to Squash Levels to check their position 24 hours before the event in case of last minute changes

Please help the organisers and show courtesy to others by advising the organisers of any changes as soon as possible. Drop outs in the last week will impact everyone and should be avoided if at all possible.

How to join the leagues

If you are a new player wanting to participate in the leagues please email the organiser or ask your coach to enter you into the box leagues.