Last term, the masses of Bristol Squash members flocked to The Bristol Grammar School to take part in our Doubles and Racketball tournaments.

The weekend kickstarted on Saturday with the racketball, where all abilities got stuck into the handicap tournament and were separated into 4 groups. For many of our members, this was their first time playing racketball. However, everyone picked it up very quickly and many enjoyed the bouncier ball and improved rally potential. The group stage was great fun with some wacky outfits on display and some even more wacky racketball. Veteran racketballer Max Cutner caused an upset, toppling the top seed Ethan Chak before going on to win his group. Returning team player Oli Radakin showed no mercy in his box cruising to the top of the table. Ben Doyle channelled his inner racketball skills, racking up huge tallies of points against all of his opponents to send him into the semi-finals. Ben ‘Burger’ Knight also showed his prowess by winning all his matches and headed into the semis. Eventually, it was Max Cutner and Ben Doyle who stormed into the final, with veteran Cutner using his seasoned racketball skills to take the victory.

The doubles tournament kicked off on Sunday at midday with a similar handicap format. It was the pairs of Chak and Asher, Nathan and Thorpe, Hallums and Cockram, and Max and Zak who made their ways into the semi finals. Eventually, Cockram and Hallums took home the title in an epic match that came down to the last point.

Overall, the weekend saw over 25 Bristol Squash Club members play racketball and doubles, with the vast majority trying racketball for the very first time. A lot of interest was expressed in future racketball events and tournaments, with the tournament greatly promoting the sport and its unique challenges. Thank you to Avon Squash and Racketball for sponsoring the event, and making this all possible!

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