The Yate Squash Club post Covid handicap tournament was held at the
leisure centre on 17th October 2021.

This was the first time the club had held a tournament following covid
lockdown, although smaller sessions to comply with the Rule of 6 had
been previously been held.

17 of the 33 club members participated in a full day of squash, starting at
9:00am and culminating in the finals at 5:00pm followed by meal and
drinks for those with real stamina. Can’t remember what time that ended!
Handicaps ranged from 0 to 23. Each player took part in morning
leagues, culminating in knockout cups during the afternoon.

The Champions Cup was won by club newcomer Andy Horton -18
beating an even more exhausted Andy Elmore -22.

The Plate Competition was won by Richard Wager -1, beating an
exhausted Steve Kellengrey -23.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, another great day of rapid-
fire squash, and apologies to those that had to win 20 plus points just to
catch their opponent up. You lasted the day….just. so well done, your
handicaps are going up next time!!

A pool of 17 players met at Yate Leisure Centre on Sunday morning for a day of
tournament squash.

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