he Avon Squash Committee has published a Code of Conduct for league players, as we look to improve standards of behaviour and encourage a simultaneously competitive and respectful atmosphere at league matches. While everybody enjoys a level of healthy competition, it’s important not to overstep the mark.

This means respecting the decisions of referees first and foremost, and getting on with the game once a decision has been made. While players are entitled to request an explanation of a decision from the referee, it’s essential to respect their authority and allow them to referee the game as they see fit, without constant interruption.

There are penalties for those who cross the line, so we’d like to encourage every league player to read through the attached document and make sure that their behaviour reaches the required standard. Referees are the lifeblood of the game, and without them there will be no league squash, so let’s give them the respect they deserve.

You can view the Code of Conduct here.

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