We are pleased to announce that Phil Rea has been appointed as our new Head of Referees. He will take responsibility for referees in the county and will play a key role in driving up standards.

A long-standing member of Redland Green Club in north Bristol, Phil is a popular figure in the local squash community and has recently qualified as a World Squash Officiating (WSO) level 2 referee.  He has also been selected as an England Squash Mission 2022 Candidate, which will see him positioned at the forefront of refereeing, fast tracked to become one of the top referees in the world and hopefully become part of the team that referees at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022.

As a keen player himself, Phil has seen things from both sides of the balcony and aims to ensure that the rules are implemented fairly and consistently throughout the league.“I’m very pleased to have been appointed as Head of Referees for Avon Squash, and look forward to working with clubs and players across the county to help drive the sport forward and showcase the importance of refereeing,” he commented.

This is about equipping players with the skills and knowledge they need to make the right calls in different situations, explain their decisions to players, and so manage games effectively.  

There are always going to be disagreements about refereeing decisions, but if we can apply the rules consistently then we all know where we stand and we can focus on what really matters – playing squash.

For more information about refereeing or to get involved in refereeing in Avon squash contact Phil via – referees@avonsquash.co.uk

For more information on squash in Bristol, clubs in the local area and how you can get involved, check – www.avonsquash.co.uk

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