A group of Bristol squash players took the opportunity to tap into some professional expertise last weekend, all in the cause of deepening their knowledge of the sport.

World Squash Referee Roy Gingell was in the city to run a workshop designed to help local players understand the finer points of the rules and keep the local league running smoothly.

Squash is a fast-paced game, and disputes can arise between players competing to control the court. It’s players themselves who referee in the local league, so it’s in everyone’s interests that the rules are applied fairly.

While he’s used to dealing with the professional players on the intensely competitive professional tour, Gingell was happy to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the enthusiastic Bristol squash community.

“It’s great to see excellent numbers attending especially women and juniors. Attending this course will empower all to have more confidence to referee in the future,” he commented.

The players themselves got a lot out of the workshop. “Getting first-hand teaching from such a senior, experienced referee as Roy Gingell was a real privilege,” enthused local player Fin Kettlewell.

“I think everyone at the workshop came out feeling more confident about sitting in the marker’s chair!”

The benefits of this will now feed into the vibrant Bristol and District squash league, with more highly qualified referees helping to raise standards even further.

Players will push themselves even harder when they see that the referee really knows their onions. Squash is known as an intense, yet also fun and friendly activity, and the aim is to keep it that way.

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